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I'm making a lot of changes to the site, the main design of the site should stay the same, however I gave the site a Christmas twist! :D

Enjoy the Christmas Theme and updates :D

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Due to an asshole spammer I have set guest messages in the chat to have to be previewed by an admin.

in other words if that flamer posts anything again, I will ban the IP hes using and also his post will never even get displayed.

So if you now post a message in the chat without being logged in it may not display for a long period of time seeing as I need to view it first, I visit the Intialy site atleast twice a day.

also as security advice please do not visit any link that someone sends in russian. It's a harmful website. We are doing all we can to prevent it's posting again. I expect that since I have done this he will try to create an account I will ban his IP as usual.. ban his email, ban the account name, and ban the URL he keeps posting from being displayed on the site.

so just as a warning to the poster, which I will now name since every time he posts he uses a new name, his name will be Ivan, because he's russian, what did you expect me to give him an insulting ... Read more »

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I have added a Site tour to the site, currently I haven't fully set it up, but the goal is that it will introduce everyone to the parts of the site and make things simple. Pretty cool. It will become more useful as time rolls on I will add to it.
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I've been updating parts of the site alot lately, as usual. I just thought I'd share what I've done so far.

  • added statcounter (it can give better stats than the regular stat counter that I have on the site)
  • fixed chat, now guests can use smileys
  • finished dedication page, it now shows all the dedicated members
  • Added account type:Graphic Artist
  • small minor edits all over the site

Just thought I'd inform you all of the updates, and assure you we are still alive and kickin'.

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I've pre-added some polls to the site for the next few months, and deactivated the old boring ones, all the results of the old polls stays in the archives. Also I would really like to see more members flying in, come on lets break 100 way before the game even gets released. please invite friends, the more members the better the game will be! Also we are looking for another staff member, I'll post more later.
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The Holidays have passed by, it's time to take down the tree, the lights, the stockings, and the nice winter header I made, all is not lost though people, it shall be back again next year :)
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I have come up with an Idea, I think someone should make a flash game for Intialy, it wouldn't be an MMO or anything it just needs to use Intialy images, I can supply some pictures that can be used for sprites and such, these images that i have though are from the old Intialy.

I think it would be pretty tight if someone made a little minigame thing using flash. I would myself but I don't have flash on my computer and do not really know how to make anything with it.

it would also be cool if there could be a score result type thing when you beat the game or lose the game or what not. If you want to do a scoreboard that would be amazing but I don't expect that also we can use the forums for a scoreboard, it wouldn't be as accurate because people would probably lie but that would be fun

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I hope you all had a great Christmas, Haunakkah, and kwanza. I had a great Christmas, I got a wii, and already got wii elbow ha.

Well anywho I hope you all had a great time, and now were looking forward to the new year!

2009!!! woohoo

My 2009 predictions:

1. There will be an assassination attempt on Barack Obama (I support Barack but there are racists so they may try something)
(UPDATE: Looks like this one may have happened before the 2009 date predicted. There was a neo-nazi assaination plot foiled on 27th October 2008)

2. Gas prices will stay low for a few months then skyrocket just below the horrific price it was at 3 months ago
3. In the USA a couple airline companies will merge.
4. Canada will not do anything major or cause any interest upon itself.
5. there will be 3 more terrorist attacks this year, not located in iraq, possibly in Dubai.
6. Britney Spears will do something that will cause her to be a major feature on the ne ... Read more »

Category: Website News | Views: 882 | Date: 2008-12-27 | Rating: 5.0/1


I made it so that now with the toolbar you can vote for Intialy! :)
Hopefully that will cause Intialy to get more votes.

Also I decided against adding a map button it causes there to be too many buttons on the menu making the toolbar annoying. Also its not needed since you can just visit the main page instantly by clicking on the logo

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I just thought I'd post now saying I plan to do more involving the old Intialy Toolbar, I will be updating it to fit the new site, and changing some features.

Just so everyone knows, the toolbar is free, has allot of cool features. You can visit the download page to see em all. Also when Intialy Online 3D gets released you will be notified through the toolbar!

Possible features:
Quick Map or regular Map on this site
New content detector (Checks if new content has appeared on the website(forums and news posts))
Download Intialy button

Current features:

  • Menu with site links such as a link to the forum and link to the main page of the site
  • Content Tracker - watches for new conte ... Read more »
Category: Website News | Views: 1024 | Date: 2008-12-18 | Rating: 0.0/0 | Comments (0)

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