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only the best game ever!
it's a MMORPG

Simple, while ingame press the print scr button on your keyboard, then go to your favorite image editing software and paste into the window, this will show your whole screen, then please if you plan to host the image on our site, you must erase the windows background and startbar and every window besides Intialy Online's.

click file, save or save as, set the name you want for the screenie, hit ok and your done!

You can upload screenshots onto our site by going to the screenshot area of our website.

that is called a PM, ingame you can PM someone by clicking the PM button and typing they're name in the box.

on the website you can pm someone(PM's their website account)  by clicking they're username  on the site or just by going to my profile and composing a message with a players name.

Simple! Just click the big yellow music button, and it will mute/unmute the games music!

How do I become a Dedicated Player? what can I do for free to become one?
by donating to the game, or performing enough actions on the website.

Also maybe in the future we will have an Offer system so you can get Cashpoints for ingame and if you get enough you can become dedicated

Currently donation is not possible, it will be possible in the future.

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