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Main » 2009 » March » 11 » Guests now required to have their comments previewed
Guests now required to have their comments previewed
1:12 PM
Due to an asshole spammer I have set guest messages in the chat to have to be previewed by an admin.

in other words if that flamer posts anything again, I will ban the IP hes using and also his post will never even get displayed.

So if you now post a message in the chat without being logged in it may not display for a long period of time seeing as I need to view it first, I visit the Intialy site atleast twice a day.

also as security advice please do not visit any link that someone sends in russian. It's a harmful website. We are doing all we can to prevent it's posting again. I expect that since I have done this he will try to create an account I will ban his IP as usual.. ban his email, ban the account name, and ban the URL he keeps posting from being displayed on the site.

so just as a warning to the poster, which I will now name since every time he posts he uses a new name, his name will be Ivan, because he's russian, what did you expect me to give him an insulting name? well if I did that I'd be pretty Imature. Anywho as a warning Ivan, you may keep creating accounts and spamming your gay porn link, but I will defeat you, I have many tools at my disposal, I know how to use them,

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Total comments: 5
2009-05-24 Spam
5. Tyr

2009-03-13 Spam
4. NVT
Yeah I get it wink

2009-03-12 Spam
3. Tyr
also NVT I removed your message "No I don't want viruses on my computer, yire " just due to the fact Ivan's messages were deleted and yours seems random and confused visitors could view the site and think you were talking about the game and so well you prolly get why I deleted it, lol.

2009-03-12 Spam
2. Tyr
lol that almost sounds like a biblical verse

2009-03-11 Spam
1. jeroxy
And so Ivan was smout upon the rock and cowared in fear from the nobel Tyr!

Whoo! rock on anti-spam

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