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Here's a 'short' description of the game, enjoy!

You start out at level 1, Beginner class, you learn the basics in the training grounds, once you leave there, you can choose a new class once you're level 10.

-Swordsman (Melee fighting, high attack and defense rate, low speed)

-Ninja (Melee and ranged fighting, average attack, low defense rate, high speed)

-Magician (Ranged fighting, massive attack if done right, very little defense, and average speed, only capable of casting magical attacks)

-Monk (Support class, meant for healing your party members, powering them up, and whatnot, not good at fighting, also not recommended as a first character)

-Amuser (Again, not recommended for a first character, Amusers require some knowledge of the game. Can be quite powerful with the right stats and

-Archer (Ranged attack only, above average attack, low defense, high speed)

After hitting level 30, you can advance to the next class, increasing the power of your character greatly, and you'll receive new attacks.

-Swordsman -> Knight
-Ninja -> Assassin
-Magician -> Wizard
-Monk -> Priest
-Amuser -> Clown
-Archer -> Ranger

So much for classes, for now.

The world is pretty basic.
At the center of the world map, you'll find Intialy Castletown, the main (and largest) city in the world of Intialy.
Heading east, you'll find the plains; the perfect place for beginnrs to train their character.
Heading north from there, you'll end up in Bagoon Village, a small port town, with little facilities. (The Swordsman guild is located here)

Heading even farther north, you'll reach the ocean which divides the world into two halves.
The thing is, though, not much is known about the land on the other side, since not many people have dared to cross the ocean, as it is known for its many storms and high waves, making it hard to sail, rumor has it that a dragon lives at the bottom of the ocean.

Heading south from the plains, you'll find the desert, the place where level 30 - 40 people usually train.
Monsters like Golems and huge bulls can be found here.
If you happen to make it through the desert all the way to the south, you'll end up in Mesolon.
This town is the 2nd largest town in Intialy, and is home of the Amuser and the Ninja guilds, there's also an underground temple which was built ages ago, where brave explorers often test their skills.

Back to Castletown.
Heading west from here, you'll see that the farther you go, the more trees you'll find.
As you head deeper and deeper into the forest, you'll find stronger monsters such as Goblins, Moblins, and Ogres. (Be aware, the Ogre King lives in this forest, don't even think about taking this guy out all by yourself, it's gonna take teamwork.)

In the north-western part of the forest, a huge tower is located.
This tower is said to reach heaven itself, and only one human has ever managed to make it to the top of the tower and back.
Once he got back to the town, he caused an uproar;
Covered in blood and battle wounds, he spoke in his last breath.

"I made it to the top!
Don't go up there! Building this tower was a great mistake, what I've seen isn't heaven at all..."

As the local priests tried to heal him, they discovered that he had been poisoned by a creature unknown to mankind, thus, the man died.

So much for now!

Still not convinced? read the comments and ratings the players have left!

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