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What is dedication?

Dedicated players are players who strongly support the game and help out other players and staff. These players are active on the website, and active in-game. These players may have donated to the game/purchased enough ingame items to become dedicated.

Want to be a dedicated player and recieve the following benefits:

  • Access to the Dedicated Player forums
  • Dedicated Player status on the website
  • Have more influence on game changes by using the feature suggestion forum in the dedicated player forums.
  • Dedicated Players are seen as better candidates for staff positions.

possible future features for dedicated Players:

  • ingame Dedicated Player outfit/armor

Also realize that becoming a dedicated player through donating you also get the items you paid for.

Thank you Dedicated Players!

This is a list of all the Dedicated players, listed by Rank(Website Rank)

Dedicated Players
orange452 United States
NVT United States

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