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We aim to provide you with the best possible service, and most unique Game Play.
Intialy Online is nothing without its Staff and community
To Honor our staff
we have this page dedicated to them, you may use this to
contact a specific Staff Member.

How to know if a person is a staff member or a player posing as a staff member:
staff members when talking in the site's chat, have the word staff appear next to their name.
on the forums, an image is displayed under their avatar saying the staff members title, and the words Intialy Staff.
Ingame Staff have what are called GM Robes, if you don't know if someone is a GM or not or that person is posing as staff, ask them to wear their GM robes for a moment, if they cannot produce the robes they are not a staff member.

Note:Staff Members are listed based on reputation in ascending order
so if you would like to make a staff member feel special, up their reputation :)


Web Developer
Location: United States
Screenshots Posted:1
Forum Posts:182
News Posts:28
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Game Creator
Location: Netherlands
Screenshots Posted:1
Forum Posts:7
News Posts:7
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