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Hey guys, I just wanted to wish you all happy Holidays, I unfortunately do not have a gift for you all, wish I did. and no ahead of time, I will not give everyone dedicated status, but thanks for trying :P you are all valuable members and I wanted to share that with you. Maybe during the holidays I'll do something special for fun on the site, maybe, I don't know for sure
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I personally Love GOOGLE, what I'm doing the next few days, is simply just testing. I want to see how well I could integrate google peices into the site, without ruining the sites design nor making the site difficult to use. my goal would be to make it so players can use an OpenID to login to the site OpenID's are special logins that you can use all across the web So if you see the google stuff I've added to the site, tell me what you think, tell me if there are any issues with it, whatever your opinion is on it, let me know, I may not keep this here, it's just something I'm testing out. Thank you all for your support and thank you for helping take part in this test. so far the only features I've set up really are just:
  • Login scripts
  • Online Members script
  • ratings on the game info page
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Our second Dedicated Member has achieved the status! Congratulate Orange452, he is now a dedicated member. Thank you very much for staying active. With this announcement, I am announcing that the requirements, are a ton harder to achieve, I do not yet want another dedicated member for a long time so I'm sorry the requirements will be hard to meet
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Intialy Creator

Hey all,

I've decided to continue making Intialy in a different programming language. Gamemaker isn't good enough to support a 3d (m)morpg, so I had to move on. I'm in the process of studying Lite-C, which is a very powerful, yet easy to learn language.

I'll keep working on Intialy Classic, I'm (trying to) fix all the bugs, and I'm adding an entirely new area, so keep your eyes out for a new update soon :D

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I've added support for Xfire to the website. No Intialy is not yet detectable by Xfire. Hopefully in the near future it will be(we will look into it once 3D is released).

You may now add Xfire to your profile, simply enter in your xfire user name in your profile, and bam it will show your online status, and will also display your mini profile in the forums.

also with it displaying in the forums, yes I do know there is a current glitch offsetting posts.

for those of you who do not know what Xfire is, Xfire is basically the Ultimate Instant Messenger for Gamers. Xfire tracks your gaming time, lets take screenshots, videos, lets you manage clans, and now you can Broadcast your gameplay LIVE!!!

Xfire is absolutely free, no pay to use features!

Click here to download Xfire

Add Tyr as your friend on Xfire!

Use the below custom status's to show your suppor ... Read more »

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I added 3 new things today.
  • Intialy Tips
  • Forum Games forum
  • Intialy ads
Intialy Tips and Intialy ads can be accessed on the show your support page. Intialy Tips is a script to show Tips for playing and information about the game including Intialy History. A new tip is displayed every time you refresh. These tips can be placed onto your own site for free using our handy script. I setup the tips so that when placed on a site the only text displayed is the actual tip, and the tip is a link to this site. I figured I'd let users of it customize it themselves to fit their sites. Intialy ads well its basically just that, some ads for intialy, personally I don't like either of the ad banners, but they are what were using for now. With the scripts we have for the ad banners we have them setup so if we decide to change what they look like we can without ruining the image on your site(it will automatically change for you if you use the javascript version.)
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I have added 2 new pages to the site, Intialy Staff, and Show your Support!. Created another Fan club, this time for Myspace. Go to the Show your support page, to sign up for these Fan Clubs.

The Intialy Staff page clarifies who the staff are for Intialy, and shows them based on reputation!
show your support for the staff by upping their reputation in the forums, staff with higher reputations will be placed higher in the list.

Show your Support!
This page is all about getting more players to try Intialy Online. Do as many actions on that page as you can to help out Intialy.
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I've made some improvements to the site that I thought I would share, even though most people probably don't care.

  • added Characters to Profile, you may now enter what all your character names are so people can associate your characters with your website account.
  • added categories to news so you can view the content you want.
  • moved categories box to the center.
  • changed the server status to display better and be alot simpler to operate
  • added another forum for the dedicated players
  • fixed a glitch that allowed non dedicated players to view the dedicated forums
  • Changed the words Tag Board to Chat
  • corrected the copyright on some pages of the site
  • Deleted the City Field in profile settings. (seriously why would it be needed other than for pedos to find gamerz? lol)
  • went through past News posts and catagorized them
  • changed Forum post appearance, now when someone posts you can view a list of the ... Read more »
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Congratulations, NVT for becoming the First Dedicated Player!!!
n3v4tex, you truly are a dedicated player you've been with the game since the original. Congrats man, I hope you enjoy being a Dedicated Player. To all who see NVT ingame or in the chat please congratulate him.

I have to say I really didn't think anyone would achieve Dedicated Player status for a long time. But I was proved wrong.

Also since we now have a Dedicated Player, the requirements for Dedicated Players has increased. I don't expect another Dedicated Player for 1 - 2 months, Prove me wrong!

Benefits for dedicated players will grow over time as we think up stuff :)

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Intialy Creator

That's right, I fixed the logout glitch. ^__^
Just download the new game file, and place it in your Intialy folder. (Click yes when it asks you to overwrite.)

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