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Hello if your looking to advertise on our site.

first look over the rules to see if your eligible.
  1. Site has to do with gaming somehow
  2. Site cannot deal with hacking.
  3. Site must be something you wouldn't mind showing your grandmother.
  4. Site must Include link to Intialy site, or have paid so the link back is not required.
  5. Nothing Illegal
  6. if it includes sound, it must have a mute button that starts muted, because people get annoyed with ads that make a ton of sound
Still here? alrighty then, we will put up some banners on this site, for you to use on your own site.

The way things will work is you send us your ad banner(we can host it if need be, however you may also host it on your own host) tell us the URL of your site and we pop it into our banner rotator.

The banner if accepted will rotate with our other banners until your banner has hit it's max exposures, clicks, or expiry date.

3 "Plans"

Paid Exposure
Paid Hits
you give us a banner, put up one of our banners, and we put your banner on our site for free, however there is a catch, your banner is viewed much less than both paid ad plans
You pay for people to view your ad
You pay for people to click your ad and view your site

But wait there's more!
we have 4 different ad types that you may use

Text link
Full code
Images are your standard banner image.Text links, are just simple links to your site with text . Flash files.  
if you have a special script you may use it

Below you may sign up for an ad to be placed on our site. You are not Garunteed 100 percent to get an ad on our site.
Your Name *:
Your E-mail *:
Ad Plan *:

Ad Type *:

Your Website URL *:
Title of Game(if Game):
image urls, flash file urls, text for link, or code *:
If you have an account on this site, what is it.:

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