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Main » 2009 » February » 10 » Intialy Lottery
Intialy Lottery
10:35 PM
I don't know how or if Typhoon is able to implement something like this very easily but I've decided to make my own program that I'll run along side Intialy which will allow me to hold lotteries basically, it will be completely automated aside from players possibly buying tickets from me, it will be setup so I can allow/disallow multiple tickets per person, calculate a "pot" meaning I could set the money won to be every persons purchase price * the number of tickets sold, + any extra money.

It could also calculate multiple winners.

Just thought I'd share with you all my personal plans, I plan to help Typhoon to offer a very exciting easy to play entertaining game for you all to enjoy.

This is not my only contest type thing that I plan to run. However the lotteries could be held monthly, weekly, things like that.

or do a lottery for special items on holidays and fun things like that

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2009-02-12 Spam
2. Tyr
Well, if there's anything that you really enjoy doing that you think would help us out somehow, let us know, were not accepting Moderators/Game Masters right now due to the fact that there aren't enough players on the website yet to need a mod, and we don't yet have the game going.

for the moment if you want to support Intialy you can do the things on the show your support page, let as many people know about Intialy Online as you possibly can! smile

Also Voting for Intialy is a HUGE bit of support, you don't have to know anyone to help us out by voting, simply clicking the link will give us more players

2009-02-12 Spam
1. jeroxy
oooohhhh sounds fun, i wud definitly gamble my well earnt (whatever currency the game uses) away biggrin biggrin

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