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Main » 2009 » February » 5 » WE ARE LOOKING FOR A NEW STAFF MEMBER!
9:50 PM

Graphic Artist

Basically a fancy term for, dude who makes pictures to put in game.
We are currently looking for someone to make textures for the game, no scripting knowledge needed, we just need someone who
can make images for ingame textures.

These textures may include images for buildings inside and out. grass, cave walls, cave floors, Weapons, ingame Items,
lots of other fun things. ALL of which could be made by you, wouldn't it be cool to have created all of those things?

Benefits include:

  • On website you are given your own special Staff member Badge
  • on site chat staff appears near your name
  • you appear on the Intialy Staff page
  • You get to know all the secrets about the game pretty much
  • you don't have to move to work for intialy(I consider that a plus) lol
  • ingame you will recieve some sort of GM item/outfit thats typhoons dealio
  • on the site you are essentially a GM, you have all the powers of a GM you can moderate posts anywhere.
  • you will get full access to the dedicated player forums.
  • did I mention, you will look cool to everyone due to being staff?

to apply simply click here.

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2009-02-06 Spam
5. Tyr
I'm not making the decision on who to take really kinda thing but I'd like to say thanks for applying. I don't know what style of graphics that Typhoon wants. I don't think pixel style, however I don't honestly know, we will see what he says about it.

2009-02-06 Spam
jeroxy, not to disapoint you, but the stuff i posted on pseudoquest forums was far from proffesoinal. plus, this is graphics not pixels and not helped by my horrible expeireince with blender. graphics gale just dousnt do textures. feel free to prove me wrong
Admin Reply: Hey Jetknife, you should sign up on the site. Being a member is free wink

2009-02-06 Spam
3. jeroxy
and misplelt saw!!! wacko

2009-02-06 Spam
2. jeroxy
woops, just say the how 2 apply, nm!!!

2009-02-06 Spam
1. jeroxy
what sort of type of pics would you want, becuase if it's pixel stuff then i can show you some things that i have done if you want.
But also i have a freind who is also good and has probaly got more experiace than me, and i'll see if he wants to help biggrin

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