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Main » 2008 » December » 19 » Intialy Toolbar
Intialy Toolbar
11:18 PM

I just thought I'd post now saying I plan to do more involving the old Intialy Toolbar, I will be updating it to fit the new site, and changing some features.

Just so everyone knows, the toolbar is free, has allot of cool features. You can visit the download page to see em all. Also when Intialy Online 3D gets released you will be notified through the toolbar!

Possible features:
Quick Map or regular Map on this site
New content detector (Checks if new content has appeared on the website(forums and news posts))
Download Intialy button

Current features:

  • Menu with site links such as a link to the forum and link to the main page of the site
  • Content Tracker - watches for new content like news posts and forum posts
  • google search bar
  • Email checker
  • popup blocker - with clear browser cache history and cookies feature
  • Live Weather checker for your area
  • Special Toolbar Messages
  • Desktop Notifications - when we have something super huge to announce we will use this feature, like when Intialy 3D is released.
  • Gadgets - special gadgets menu filled with useful tools you can add to your toolbar.
  • Toolbar groups - you can group this tool bar with other toolbars so it takes alot less space(only with compatible toolbars)
  • Internet Radio - listen to your favorite internet radio station through your browser(supports podcasts as well).
  • Every tool on the toolbar is removable so if you don't like it don't use it.

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